Mock backends as a service

Pointed is a tool for quickly spinning up fake servers that are real enough to build and debug client apps against.

It integrates smoothly into your workflow and facilitates rapid development and powerful debugging, even in production.

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Move fast and fake things

Remove high-cost blockages, increase cross-team efficiency, and ship more frequently.

Pointed is optimized for ease of use and productivity for frontend engineers.


Mock anything

The power to say "when my app asks for X from server Y, give it Z".

X, Y, and Z can be basically anything, including random garbage or delayed responses, and you can define them via UI or JavaScript.


Screamless integration

Swap mock servers into your app, even in production, without changing any code.

Use technologies you already understand and decouple your forehead from your desk.

How it works

Create a mock API in the Pointed dashboard.
It will be immediately provisioned and available. https only. Authentication optional.
Define endpoints and responses in the Pointed dashboard.
Using either the UI or JavaScript, define endpoints and what kind of things they should return. Also immediately available.
Start making requests.
Optionally, use the Pointed Proxy browser extension to tell your app which requests to point at a Pointed mock API, without changing any app code.
Learn more by checking out the docs.

Product tour

Through the example of an under-construction single-page app for managing fine teas, we show what exactly Pointed does and how it can help your workflow.


in less than 10 min.